Saturday, March 20, 2021

Swinney Grenache

 It is not often you come across a new winery in Australia which is outstanding. It just happened to me. This winery is Swinney. Maybe because it is located at Frankland River, WA, it took a while for me to notice.

The 2019 Swinney Grenache is terrific. They just avoided to name it Grenache/Mourvedre as it contains 14% of the latter (at 15% it needs to be labeled). There is a small amount of whole bunches in this wine, which is not fined and minimally filtered, with low sulphur levels.

The first thing that strikes you is the purity of fruit, which is a raspberry/cranberry/blackberry blend. This is quite a savoury wine, with smoky notes and a little spice. This is an elegant wine, with super fine grained tannins, perhaps a little linear in the mouth. The finish is extremely long. Wow! 

Score: 95/+++


Kristina said...

I bought two bottles and we enjoyed one last night. It was superb!

Alontin said...

I suggest you buy some more, haha