Monday, August 10, 2020

Marina Coppi Sant' Andrea Barbera

 If you think about an underrated red grape variety, Barbera would be on top of my list. It lives in the shadows of Barolo and Barbaresco, yet can be a concentrated and elegant red wine. It is mainly grown in the regions near the towns of Alba and Asti. Yet today's example comes from Castellania further east, but still part of Piedmont. It is the 2018 Marina Coppi Sant' Andrea.

Marina Coppi is the granddaughter of Fausto Coppi, the famous Italian bike rider. He has a museum and mausoleum in town. Anyway, on to the wine.

This Barbera is medium- to full-bodied with quite intense black cherry flavours. The wine is not too complex, but has a well rounded mouthfeel. The acidity plays a support role (it can be overwhelming in some Barbera), and contributes to the freshness of the wine. The tannins are mild, and the finish is a bit short.

I find this a satisfying wine due to the mouthfeel, and it is great value for money.

Score: 91/++  

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