Saturday, April 25, 2020

Penfolds RWT Shiraz

The RWT Shiraz can be an amazing wine, as it should be for the price. The 2005 Penfolds RWT Shiraz is not one of those. It is still a good wine, but not as good as the Americano Malbec which I drank a day earlier and reviewed a couple of posts below. Here is why:

The aroma of the  2005 RWT is massive; black fruits, blackberry, mulberry.

There are similar flavours on the palate. Secondary notes as well, meaty and smoky flavours, aniseed. This adds to the very high fruit weight and complexity. The mouthfeel is big, the French oak noticeable. This wine is very ripe and heavy. The firm tannins lead to a long, slightly heavy and rough finish.

The structure is holding up well at 15 years, but this wine is a bit too brutal for me, while the Americano Malbec manages a full-bodied palate with elegance.

Score: 94/+ 

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