Monday, April 13, 2020

La Chablisienne 1er Cru Léchet

As a fine wine drinker, you normally want to stay away from co-operatives. Mostly, they are volume focused. The resulting high yields produce diluted wines of little interest. However, there are two co-operatives with world-wide distribution, which want to make the highest quality wines they can. One is Produttori del Barbaresco (reviewed here before), the other is La Chablisienne.

There are 40 premier cru sites in Chablis and 7 grand cru.

La Chablisienne has a 1er cru from Cote de Léchet, which sits opposite from the grand cru plots. The history of this vineyard goes back hundreds of years and the current vines are quite old, not sure how old, maybe up to 100 years.

I tasted the 2016 Chablisienne 1er cru Léchet. The colour is golden, looks a bit developed. 

There is citrus and green apple on the nose. These notes translate to the palate. This is quite a racy wine with an attractive intense mouthfeel - not developed at all. The wine has a very strong mineral component and good length on the finish. 

Some Chablis is all citrus. This is more complex with earthy and chalky mineral flavours prominent. This is an attractive, very dry and complex wine.

Score: 94/+++ 

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