Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Balnaves 'The Tally' Cabernet Sauvignon

A leading producer from Coonawarra, their flagship wine, a great vintage. What can go wrong? Not much, as it turns out.

The 2012 Balnaves 'The Tally' Cabernet Sauvignon is a big wine. The colour is deep purple, almost ink-like.

The big terra rossa redcurrant bouquet is present, but this is not what 'The Tally' is about. Yes, the wine is full-bodied. However, at eight years of age, there are subtle earthy flavours which balance the fruit. French oak plays only a supporting role. The key is the energy on the palate and the elongated rather than round shape in the mouth. The complex flavours are locked in by dry tannins which linger for some time. This is a sophisticated wine requiring reflection. This Cabernet can match almost all in the world. It will be good for many more years.

Score: 96/+++

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