Monday, January 20, 2020

Head Old Vine Grenache

When Alex Head started his operations in the Barossa Valley about 15 years ago, he brought some fresh ideas to the valley. Picking grapes earlier, focus on freshness and fruit, maturing wine in larger format oak barrels. So I was looking forward to drinking his 2012 Head Old Vine Grenache with this in mind.

When I poured the wine, it had a pronounced orange tinge in its colour. This made me concerned, and rightly so. The wine was very developed. There was a bit of raspberry fruit, but savoury characters dominated. They were not pleasant. The wine tasted of burnt fruit, a bit salty, too. The tannins were quite coarse and the finish harsh. Something has gone wrong here. Not sure if it is the wine making (this may have been the first vintage of this wine) or if the bottle got heat affected. Unfortunately, there is no proper cold chain in the transport of wine in this country.

Score: 84/--

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