Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Farr Rising Saignée

It makes a statement, if somebody uses cork as closure on a bottle of Rosé, even more so if it is an Australian wine. This is meant to be serious. This impression is amplified when a glass is poured.

This 2015 Farr Rising Saignée has an intense orange colour, actually similar to the sunrises observed in eastern Australia during the bushfires. The saignée method means the wine is used as a by-product to red wine production. Some of the juice is removed early, and then fermented separately. It is astonishing to me that such colour intensity is achieved with this method.

The intensity carries through to the palate; rose petal, orange peel, some raspberry and red cherry flavours are fashioned into a precise mouthfeel. This wine has incredible drive and energy and a balanced dry finish. This is by far (no pun intended) the best Rosé I have ever tried, and it is drinking perfectly at five years of age. 

Score: 96/+++


J. said...

Based on your review, I tried the 2019. It has a very different colour, more like a light purple, certainly not orange. Also, the label has been modernized. It only shows "Saignee" in large letters. I would not have bought this wine without recommendation but certainly enjoyed it on a hot summer day. Thanks.

Alontin said...

Good to hear!

Phillip B said...

Just ordered a 6 pk from importer. Will share one with you Thomas - for joint tasting note purposes ;)

Alontin said...

Sounds good to me, Phillip!