Thursday, June 11, 2015

My 1000th Post: Wine Book Of The Year

I have been asking myself what special note I could publish as my 1000th post. It looked difficult given the amazing experiences I had in France. Then I received information that my Book 'Barossa Shiraz' had won Best Wine Book of the Year (whole world) at the Gourmand Awards in Yantai, China. It also won Best Wine Book New World. I am a bit dumbfounded, and it took a while to really believe it. As you can see, I could not be top of the world, but I decided to go on top of Europe, at least, to celebrate.

A 1000 posts is a lot, but I will definitely continue. Dear readers, please give me your thoughts what you like about this blog or what you do not like. I would be interested to learn about your suggestions    


Anonymous said...

Congrats Thomas,
Like most blogs, to state the obvious ,they review wines and most do a very solid job, some like yours do even better.
However what if a want to pose a general question about :
- acidity levels in Coonawara Cabernet?
- rising alcohol levels in Barossan reds?
- ph of Hunter Valley Semillon?

I'm sure you get the idea......your thoughts

Thanks as always

Colin R

Nicole Rouge said...

What an amazing achievement. Congratulations!

Willunga Wino said...

That is fantastic Thomas!

Congratulations on winning two awards for your book!

Also on achieving 1000 posts, both show true dedication.

Thank you for linking up on the #WINENOT Linky Party.


Alontin said...

Colin, thank you for your suggestion. I will include a bit of that in the future. At the same time, I want to keep it 'consumer friendly'.

Thank you, Nicole Rouge and

Alontin said...

Willunga Wino. (I am not sure what happened here). By the way, I like your work and savvyness.