Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yalumba Grenache

Yalumba has started to produce a number of single vineyard wines from the Barossa. This 2005 Yalumba Grenache is from the Tri-Centenary vineyard in Vine Vale. Is is situated next to the Cirillo vineyard on sandy soil, and the fruit comes from bush vines more than 100 years old. This wine still has a lot of fruit dominance, tasting mainly of raspberry and is quite ripe, bordering on 'hot'. This is what hits you on the front palate. On the back palate, the wine gets leaner and the smooth tannins produce a satisfying finish. The wine is clearly based on intense fruit, but I don't think it is made quite right. Toned down in ripeness and alcohol, this would be a great wine.

Score: 90/0

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