Monday, March 5, 2012

Pierro Chardonnay

Pierro and Leeuwin are the two wineries who battle it out in the west for the best Chardonnay producer. More interesting is the fact that these two make very different Chardonnays. The 2010 Pierro Chardonnay shows predominantly citrus fruit on the Palate ( in Leeuwin's case it is mostly tropical fruit). There is some creaminess as a result of the malolactic fermentation (Leeuwin: no malo at all), yet the mouthfeel is not as round as I would have expected it. The oak is noticeable (50% new vs. 100% at Leeuwin), but well integrated. The wine has good length and finishes with fresh acidity.

This is a well made Chardonnay, but somehow, the wine does not grab me. It lacks a certain spark.

Score: 93/0

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