Thursday, October 20, 2011

My favorite Pinot Noir producers from Australia and New Zealand

Given I have written quite a bit about Pinot Noir lately, I thought I might share with you my favorite producers.

Top 10 in Australia (in ranking order)

1) Bass Phillip                     Gippsland                 funky
2) Bindi                               Macedon                 ethereal
3) Main Ridge                     Mornington              ethereal
4) William Downie              Morn/Gipps/Yarra   ethereal/dark fruit
5) By Farr                          Geelong                   ethereal
6) Kooyong                        Mornington              dark fruit
7) Bannockburn                  Geelong                   ethereal
8) Giaconda                        Beechworth             ethereal
9) Freycinet                        Tasmania                  dark fruit
10) Curly Flat                      Macedon                rich/bold

Knocking on the door: Marchant & Burch, Heemskerk, maybe Yabby Lake, Ocean Eight
Falling off: Mount Mary, Stoniers

If  I include New Zealand, the list would be

1) Ata Rangi                        Martinborough        ethereal
2) Bass Phillip                      Gippsland               funky
3) Felton Road                    Central Otago         dark fruit
4) Bindi                               Macedon                ethereal
5) Main Ridge                     Mornington              ethereal
6) Martinborough V            Martinborough         dark fruit
7) William Downie              Morn/Gipps/Yarra   ethereal/dark fruit
8) By Farr                          Geelong                   ethereal
9) Craggy Range                Martinborough         ethereal
10) Kooyong                      Mornington             dark fruit

Any comments?

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