Sunday, October 16, 2011

Latest Poll Results

Only a few people participated in this one - not surprising given only a fraction of readers ever participates and from those not everybody would have changed his taste.

I found the results interesting. A lot more movement in red wine preferences than in whites and a big move away from Shiraz. The resurgence of Cabernet is minor, Grenache does not pick up a lot. Lighter wine styles do much better. Pinot Noir benefits, and the mediterranean varieties, mainly Tempranillo and Sangiovese I suspect, are the big winners.

What I would like to know: Did the wine writers, many of whom propagate this move, influence the consumers or did they follow consumers' preferences?


Chris Plummer said...


Interesting results. I'm not necessarily sure I've moved 'away' from shiraz myself. but as I look over my own tasting notes, it appears I am enjoying them less.

A run of less than ideal vintages in South Australia hasn't helped my shiraz drinking habits, but I'm firmly holding my fingers crossed for some excellent releases from 2010. Maybe then I might move 'back'. :)

Chris P

Alontin said...

I am with you. If the South Australian Shirazes are good, they are very good, but it has been a long time between drinks (pun intended).