Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clonakilla New Releases

The three wines I am going to review here are being released on 17 October as far as I know. As usual, you will have to be quick to get them.

The 2010 Clonakilla Canberra District Viognier is an interestingly made wine. Half the fruit is whole bunch pressed. This is a gentle process and delivers soft, pure fruit. The other half is crushed and left on skin for some time to extract the flavours close to the skin where they are most intense. The final wine is seamless and elegant. It tastes predominantly of apricot with a bit of ginger in the background. This amounts to a very stylish Viognier (it is just that I don't like the Viognier flavour profile).

Score: 93/0

The 2010 Clonakilla O'Riada Shiraz is made from vines in the Murrambatemen area. Like its famous cousin, the Shiraz Viognier, it includes 5% co-fermented Viognier, and it is made in the same way. The wine is medium bodied, tasting of redcurrant and red cherries. There are earthy and savoury flavours as well. This wine is very fresh and vibrant and has a strong tannic and acidic backbone. The wine is feminine, yet strong with great length. This wine has great character and in a few years, with tannins mellowing a bit, will be a well balanced, expressive red wine. Outstanding value for money it is, too.

Score: 95/+++

The 2010 Clonokilla Shiraz Viognier, from the Estate, has a similar flavour profile, slightly darker fruit, and  a softer and silkier texture. This is a classy wine no doubt, but I felt the O'Riada was more expressive, had more personality. An unexpected outcome, but I score them on par.

Score 95/++


Chris Plummer said...

Cheers for the notes Alontin. It's about this time of year I go seeking Clonakilla, and I'm growing a particular fondness for better vintages of that O'Riada wine too. Or maybe that's my wallet...

Have you tried the 2010 Hilltops? I've been rather unimpressed by some of the recent releases, but more than a few sources indicate the 2010 is the best wine yet.

Chris P

Alontin said...

Hi Chris,

well, there is nothing wrong with seeking out a great wine at a reasonable price!

I have not tried the 2010 Hilltops, but regard previous vintages as Quoffers.

There is a NSW wine show on in a week. Maybe it is shown there.

Cheers and thank you for your post, as always,

Anonymous said...

How do they compare to the 2009 vintage?