Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stonier Pinot Noir

The 2007 Stonier Pinot Noir is the first Mornington Peninsula Pinot I am tasting from the 2007 vintage. It is disappointing. Is it the vintage? A number of wines have received high praise, so I doubt it.

This wine is medium bodied and initially shows attractive cherry flavours. However it then rambles on a bit with some savoury flavours not integrating well and a somewhat short finish. Previous vintages, in particular 04 and 05, have shown nice integration of fruit and tannins and I always enjoyed the silkiness of this wine. Hopefully Stonier will come back to form, as it has shown great results in the past, and as this wine has always presented great value for money.


Daftword said...

I sincerely doubt that Stonier will regain what you enjoy from those 04 + 05 vintages.
Remember 07 was a very hot year, with bushfires and 08 was one of the shortest vintages on record.
Mid last year Geraldine McFaul parted ways with Stonier. For my money she is one of the smartest winemakers and sharpest palates in the business.

If you've a penchant for Mornington Pinot take a tilt of OceanEight... but don't tell your friends as its in miniscule quantities.

Alontin said...

I know Geraldine McFaull had left. Where did she go?