Thursday, February 26, 2009

Petaluma Coonawarra

I haven't reviewed any wines for a while, because I have been drinking wines I had already reviewed, but tonight I am treating myself to my last bottle of 1990 Petaluma Coonawarra Cabernet/Merlot.

I am sometimes a critic of Petaluma, as I find the wines almost too clean and well made, thereby lacking some real character. However, this is certainly not a complaint about this wine.

This wine has held up so well. The cork came out easily and in one piece (Croser uses good material). I then used the Wine Finer described below to fill my glass. The colour of this wine is still quite dark and more violet than brown. The blackcurrant fruit hits me first, but then many complex flavours show, in particular smoked meat. The wine harmoniously fills the palate with the Merlot and Cab Sauv grapes blending together. The tannins have softened, but are quite noticable. The finish is long and smooth. This is a first class Cabernet, drinking at its peak, but probably still five very good years in front of it.

Unfortunately, this was my last bottle, but it demonstrates that wines from excellent wine makers will show their best after long term cellaring.

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