Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz

I am posting this from Singapore, so my memory of drinking the 2002 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz is a little hazy.

This wine, unfortunately, does not belong to the best vintages of Dalwhinnie. The fruit appears not to have ripened fully and tastes somewhat green. At the same time, the wine is already quite developed with orange colour underneath the dark violet.

This has happened in the cooler 2002 vintage to a number of full bodied reds in the cooler growing areas and it is also a problem with single vinyard wines who have few options for compensation.

However, Dalwhinnie is one of my favorite Shiraz producers and even in this weak vintage it showed its very silky tannins at the finish.

I am looking forward to drinking the warmer 2003 and 2004 vintages.

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