Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parker Terra Rossa First Growth

Parker wines were at the top of Coonawarra during the 1990s, but I have found them less convincing in the last few years, while prices went up and up.

The last I bought was 1998, and I opened a 1998 Parker Terra Rossa First Growth last night. It was a pretty satisfying drink. The fruit was quite concentrated, even 'thick'. You could taste the terra rossa terroir very well. The wine was quite elegant and the oak well integrated. The one quibble I would have is that the wine was not very differentiated: the fruit flavours were not overly complex and the aftertaste not as long as a wine of this standing should have.

At ten years well cellared, the wine felt fresh enough, but I would not give it more than another two years before it will drop from its peak.

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