Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Henschke Cyril Cabernet

I thought it might be interesting to compare yesterday's wine with another Cabernet from the same year, the 1998 Cyril Henschke. It was an interesting experience.

This wine showed a lot of ripeness and tasted quite alcoholic as well. The core fruit was blackcurrant, but it also showed a lot of savoury flavours by now. The wine has good structure and a long finish, supported by strong tannins - a big wine.

However, it didn't really taste like a Cabernet to me. The Parker had the fine fruit and elegance, this Henschke basically has brute force, although well made. Maybe it is difficult to come up with excellent Cabernet from the Barossa/Eden Valley after all.


Baz said...

What do you think points wise? Halliday has it as a 93... Do you think it will mellow with age? I have a few in the cellar and was delighted to see your review!

Alontin said...

I think that rating is about right, maybe 94. In good cellaring conditions it would probably be another two years before you find it a typical mellow wine. Having said this, the colour was starting to turn brownish. Maybe try a bottle in a year's time.