Friday, December 26, 2008

Mollydooker Carnival Of Love

This wine is highly praised in the US and regularly makes the Top 10 in the Wine Spectator 'wine of the year' ratings. The wine is difficult to get here and mainly sold in the US market. I once managed to buy half a dozen of the 2005 Carnival of Love, and this is the first bottle I opened.

The wine has a high alcohol content of 16.5% and, in my view, is a caricature of a wine. It tastes more like liqueur, and has little varietal characteristics. There is no doubt that the fruit is of good quality and very concentrated, but the alcohol is too overpowering. It may even be more than what's on the bottle.

I managed to drink one glass only. However, if you want to get hammered, this is for you.


Baz said...

For the life of me I cannot fathom why one would want to drink wine at 15%+ alcohol. Port yes but not wine. I find it really interesting that the US market has developed with a leaning towards high alcohol content especially when there is some decent commentary e.g. wine spectator. Surely middle class America will wake up soon???

Alontin said...

We have beaten Starbucks. Why not the American wine critics?