Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Top 5 Wine Trends 2021

 As I was reflecting on the major wine trends this year, I came to the conclusion nothing will change them in the next few weeks, so I might as well share them now. This is written from an Australian perspective.

1) The rise of Grenache. 

Grenache has been with us for a long time, of course, first as an input into port, then as a key component of GSMs. But now, high quality varietal wine is made, and the consumers are lapping it up. Grenache suits warming climate, and its flavours and freshness are also well suited to our palates. Key growing areas are the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, and some high quality is coming from the Great Southern Region in Western Australia.

2) Value Chardonnay

Value Chardonnay has always been around, but never in the numbers and quality as now. These wines are really narrowing the gap to the ultra premium wines. It will be interesting to see how this dynamic will further develop. Best examples come from the Yarra Valley and Margaret River.

3) Elegance over power

Producing powerful elegant wines can be regarded as the holy grail, but in reality, this is seldom achieved. Powerful wines are often high alcohol, tannic, and a little harsh. Well now, many producers give up some of this power for elegance. Grapes are picked earlier, less new oak is used. This trend applies to many wines, but in particular Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Of course, not all winemakers follow this trend, but it is undeniable.

4) Zero Alcohol, wine in cans

This trend is still emerging, but in quite a powerful way. There are a number of factors at work. The major one is to appeal to young drinkers, many of whom find the wine traditions unappealing. And in general, many consumers want to reduce alcohol intake without giving up wine. Quality remains an issue, but major improvements are likely.

5) More and more varied Rosé

Rosé has become an acceptable drink - it took a while. Now it comes in many styles, from many countries, made from many different grapes and blends.

So there it is for 2021.


Unknown said...

Wine Trend 2/ Value Chardonnay - your spot on, especially in Margaret River, the entry level wines have many of the qualities of the top bottlings

Anonymous said...

100% re 1/ on the rise of Grenache. I'm still struggling to "get" it to be fair as I find the lack of heft and fleeting finish quite troublesome even in some of the more "premium" stuff.

As a lighter red I find it hard to go past Pinot Meunier or Pinot Noir. Actually depending on climate you can find some very appealing shiraz made in a lighter, less alcoholic style that's appealing for warmer months.

Tyrone said...

My observation about popular wine styles is that chardonnay's resurgence continues to grow, with even more common focus on the 'bigger' chardonnays including in restaurants - something we would not have seen a couple of years ago. Collectors I think are following a different route, in the intersection of your points about value and elegance.