Monday, November 22, 2021

Maude Pinot Noir

 Maude has been a favorite of mine since I visited this boutique winery, located in a small side valley off Wanaka Lake in Central Otago quite a few years ago, and not well known. This changed, when the 2017 Maude Pinot Noir was voted New Zealand's best Pinot Noir of the year. Today, I am tasting this wine.

The Maude Pinot Noir is a blended wine from different sites in Central Otago, and not even the top wine, which, by price, is the single vineyard from the home block. This is quite often the case, and a purchasing opportunity, as the focus is on single vineyard wines and terroir.

The bouquet of this wine does not give too much away, but on the palate, a beautiful red and black cherry flavoured wine unfolds. This wine is bright and very pure. It is lighter and more elegant than the typical Central Otago wine. It has an ethereal and captivating mouthfeel. Fine and silky tannins wave around the fruit. The finish is medium to long.

Score: 95/+++



Tyrone said...

I have tried this wine from a few vintages. Very good quality and exceptional value for money. Within Central Otago I am reminded of some of the Rippon pinots which also seem to step away from the usual Central Otago paradigm.

kr1 said...

Their single vineyard offerings which sadly don't make it to Oz are quite good too. I wish they would ship some of those here as the QPR is really off the charts.

Alontin said...

Kr1, the Mt Maude is available in Australia, isn’t it? Do they make other single vineyard wines?