Monday, June 15, 2020

Australia's Top 52 Wineries

This was the title of a list published in Sydney's largest newspaper on the weekend. It was published by the well regarded wine critic Huon Hooke based on his recent tastings. Now lists are always there to be debated, and there is obviously no definite answer, but I feel compelled to write this note, as there are some amazing and frankly inexplicable inclusions and omissions.

Starting with Western Australia, there is no Leeuwin Estate and no Moss Wood. Instead included are Swinney, Sittella and Duke's Vineyard, among others. Really?

In Victoria, we have Handpicked, Stonier and Crittenden from the Mornington Peninsula. What about Main Ridge, the pioneer, Paringa, Kooyong or Yabby Lake? In Beechworth, there is Fighting Gully Road and Eldorado Rd, but no Castagna or Sorrenberg. Macedon with leaders Bindi and Curley Flat is not represented. Bass Phillip is not there. The Yarra Valley list has the key producers.

The Hunter is well represented, but Pepper Tree, Silkman and Vinden are picked over Brokenwood. And Robert Stein and Hoosegg are top 52?

The only Clare Valley representative is Taylors. What about Grosset, Wendouree, Jim Barry? From Coonawarra we have Wynn's, but what about Balnaves? Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale have strong producers listed.

Many regard the top producers for four key varieties as follows:
-Chardonnay: Leeuwin Estate
-Riesling: Grosset
-Pinot Noir: Bass Phillip
-Cabernet Sauvignon: Moss Wood (maybe just me)

None of these are in the list. Is this a crazy and misleading list and headline or are there massive changes on foot, all of which I have missed?     

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