Sunday, December 8, 2019

Ocean Eight Aylward Pinot Noir

The Aylward Pinot Noir from the Mornington Peninsula impressed me when it first came onto the market. However, I somehow lost sight of this wine. Until I came across the 2015 Ocean Eight Aylward Pinot Noir a couple of days ago.

What stroke me first was the incredibly strong and aromatic bouquet of red fruit after opening the bottle. This translated into intense strawberry and red cherry flavours on the palate. This is quite concentrated for a Pinot Noir, yet what dominates is the elegance of the wine. Fruit is the story here, not savoury flavours. However, the wine is pure and precise, with a firm and quite long finish.

Score: 95/+++


Anonymous said...

In the short time I've been dabbling in Australian Pinot, I've found Mornington Pinot to be very unpinot like. I really struggle with the overt power, concentration and intensity. Where other regions Pinots, such as Macedon and areas of Yarra Valley seem to deliver, I've never understood the raw power delivered in a wine variety that thrives when delicacy and femininity is a highlight.


Alontin said...

Good to hear from you, Colin. Yes, the Mornington Peninsula mainly produces Shiraz drinkers Pinot Noir. And I do not review many. There are some exceptions, though. Main Ridge, particularly pre 2015, and some wines from Kooyong come to mind.

The wine reviewed above is a bit fleshier than the good ones from Macedon and Yarra Valley, but it does have some elegance and detail.