Monday, August 24, 2015

Casa Freschi Ragazzi Nebbiolo

This wine caused quite a stir when it came onto the market. This is a serious Nebbiolo at about a third of the price of the Italian producers. I am tasting the 2013 Casa Freschi Ragazzi Nebbiolo. If you are a regular follower of my blog, you would know that I have a soft spot for Nebbiolo, but have found Australian versions seriously lacking.

This wine is turning things around. If you characterize Nebbiolo as having three major components, rose petal aromatics and cherry fruit, savoury backbone, and  firm dry tannins, this wine has all of it. Mind you, it is an Australian version: the fruit is stronger, quite vibrant, the other components a bit less obvious than in a Piedmont version. Yet they all describe this wine. The colour is bright crimson, and there is a  balanced structure which will give the wine an extended life. No, it is not a Barolo yet, more similar to a young vine Nebbiolo, but a classy one at that.

If you have shied away from Nebbiolo in principle, or specifically from Australian versions, try this wine. You might be in for a surprise.

Score: 93/+++


Nicole - Champagne and Chips said...

Sounds delicious. I am a total neb head so must try to track down some.

Alontin said...

I am impressed. Not many people in this country get Nebbiolo. Make an effort to find it. You won't be disappointed.