Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kirrihill Riesling - Great Value

It is amazing how winemakers, winewriters and sommeliers together fail to create significant consumer interest in Riesling, despite their greatest efforts. On the other side of the coin, simple Pinot Gris, despised by them, is all the rage on Sydney lunch tables. The 'summer of Riesling' is in great swing again, and again without much impact, I suspect.

Kirrihill produces two Rieslings from the Clare Valley. The Regional Range is a blend from a number of vineyards across the Valley, whereas the Vineyard Selection Series is sourced from two specific vineyards in Watervale.

The 2014 Kirrihill Regional Range Clare Valley Riesling is a well made wine. It is aromatic and floral, but not overly so. Citrus and apple dominate the palate, balanced with lively acidity. The wine is a little broad down the palate, a little simple, but very agreeable (even to Pinot Gris drinkers, I think). The finish is quite refreshing.

Score: 90/++

The 2014 Kirrihill Vineyard Selection Series Clare Valley Riesling is very similar. The fruit is a bit more intense, the shape of the wine a bit more linear. This is a dry wine and the alcohol level is attractive at 11%.

Score: 91/++

The first wine is less than $15 per bottle, the second less than $20.

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