Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spinifex Esprit

Another short break from the Pinot Noir reviews. The 2007 Spinifex Esprit is an interesting test for Peter Schell, the winemaker. He wants to make fresh and vibrant wine. Now 2007 is a serious drought year in the Barossa. How did he go and how did this signature GSM of his age?

There is quite a lot of fruit complexity on the palate, with dark berry flavours, such as mulberry and loganberry, dominating. The wine is quite full-bodied, with an elegant texture. The secondary flavours have not yet developed much, but the tannins are soft, and so is the lengthy finish.

The wine is not overly fresh, but has no dead fruit. The wine has certainly aged well, and I think it passed the test. Peter Schell would probably ideally prefer a different flavour profile, but he should be pleased with the way this wine is aging.

Score: 93/++

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