Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pierro Chardonnay mini vertical

In the mid 1990s, Pierro was neck and neck with Leeuwin with regard to the most highly regarded Chardonnay in Western Australia. It would be fair to say that since then, Leeuwin has clearly moved ahead - and some others have come up.

Over the past ten years, the style of the Pierro Chardonnay has also changed. It used to be amongst the biggest and oakiest in Australia. Nowadays, it is a much more precise wine. It is still quite heavily worked, with new oak and 100% malolactic fermentation. The 2011 is about to be released and is pre-announced as the best ever - a good opportunity to look at the last three vintages to see how they shaped up.

The 2008 Pierro Chardonnay shows rich tropical flavours, based on mango and pineapple. The wine is medium to full bodied, with oak in a pleasing support role. The wine is balanced with good length. This is a complex and satisfying Chardonnay, reminding me a bit of the 'good ol' days'.

Score: 94/++

The 2009 Pierro Chardonnay is a leaner wine. The tropical fruit is more in the background, and the palate dominated by grapefruit and passionfruit. The wine has a crisp finish.

Score: 92/+

The 2010 Pierro Chardonnay still has oak dominant on the front palate. The fruit in its weight and flavour sits between 08 and 09. So I think it will take the oak down in a year or two. The wine is smooth, but lacks some acidity on the finish.

Score: 92/0

Overall, these are good wines, but pricey.

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