Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Schubert Estate Goose-yard Shiraz

The Goose-yard Shiraz from Schubert Estate is one of those full bodied Shirazes from the Barossa which does not age well. Last night, I had the 2004 Schubert Estate Goose-yard Shiraz. It is a full bodied wine from the Marananga area, in fact based on a vineyard in an absolute plum position in the Barossa. The vines get a lot of sun there, and experienced vineyard management is critical.

The wine tastes of blackberry and plum, but the fruit is overripe and somewhat dried out. There is still some silkiness in the tannins, but overall, the experience is not too pleasing. I remember having drunk this wine a few years ago, and it was quite attractive then. However, the lack of acidity and overripe fruit lead to a short life. A few days ago, I tried the 2002 Schubert Estate Goose-yard Shiraz, and the mouthfeel for that wine was even less pleasing.

Score: 89/-

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Anonymous said...

Alontin i dont know where you buy your wine but I think you or your wine supplier may have a storage problem - your description of the schubert wines are so from what the wine is really like - especially the 2002 which if there was any around I would buy in a flash.