Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Midday Quaffers

Ok, I admit it, I enjoy a glass of wine over lunch. It needs to be light (<13% Alc.), not too complex, but a fine wine, not more than $20/22 per bottle. So what are the choices?

Riesling is an obvious one. My current favorite is the O'Leary Walker Polish Hill Riesling from Clare - a well made wine, fresh and great with salads or seafood. Gruener Veltiner would be good, too, but difficult in this price bracket. Chardonnay tends to have too much alcohol for this time of day, but Hunter Semillon works well with Tuna. However, prices are creeping up for the good ones. Imports have become competitive. A recent favorite is Antinori's Campogrande from Orvieto - a well made, high volume wine. And then there is Rose of course, probably 10-15 Australian producers worth looking at. For a lunch time drink, I prefer those made from Pinot Noir, whereas the fuller Grenache based wines are great sundowners.  

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