Thursday, May 14, 2020

Lethbridge Between Five Bells Pinot Noir

In my last post I talked about the narrowing between premium and value Chardonnay. The same is happening in Pinot Noir. An excellent example for high quality, good value Pinot Noir is the 2018 Lethbridge Between Five Bells Pinot Noir. The Geelong area is known for high quality Pinot Noir from Bannockburn and By Farr. Lethbridge is another producer who does innovative and effective things. This wine is such an example (the fruit is from Drumborg, though). First, the label wraps around three quarters of the bottle. It is lively, illustrating key flavour components of the wine. This wine is clearly aimed at people who just want to enjoy the wine and not overthink it. Having said this, the wine is far from simple.


Secondly, there is some Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris included. And finally the fermentation method is carbonic maceration, which means the fermentation is not initiated by yeast, but the grapes ferment from the inside out in an oxygen-free environment. The result are fresh and juicy wines. So, onto this wine!

It has a translucent ruby colour of medium intensity. There is predominantly red cherry on the nose.

On the palate, one experiences medium fruit weight of red cherry and strawberry. The wine is smooth and very silky in the mouth, almost sexy. The finish is not long, but the overall feel is elegant and satisfying. And there is enough complexity to keep your interest.

Score: 91/++

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