Saturday, February 22, 2020

Altus/Rise Wines

To be honest, I do not know much about this winery, situated at the Northern end of Margaret River. I tasted the wines shown in the photo. Wildlight is the day-to-day drinking brand, Ascension the premium brand.

The 2019 Wildlight Chardonnay seems made in the modern style, cool fermentation, reductive. The citrus flavours deliver a fresh, pleasant mouthfeel, a little simple. There is a hint of sweetness on the backpalate.

Score: 90/0

The red wines in this range are a lot less pleasant. The 2018 Wildlight Cabernet Sauvignon consists of redcurrant, green tea and herbal notes on the palate. The firm tannins take over from the under-cooked fruit and lead to a harsh finish (84/-- points). The 2018 Wildlight Shiraz is a similar story; not balanced, the tannins overwhelming the fruit, and the flavours short. The added acidity does not integrate (82/--- points)

Thank goodness, the final wine, the 2018 Ascension Cabernet Sauvignon is in a different class. This is quite youthful right now, with the acidity driving the blackberry, mulberry and red currant fruit down the palate. The French oak is quite present, mocca notes add complexity. The tannins are firm, but a little silky as well. The components are all there in this big wine, but it tastes a little too worked.

Score: 92/+  

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