Sunday, July 21, 2019

Wine Masters, Italy

Wine Masters is a very high quality series of films on leading wine families in the best known wine regions of the world. Series 2 portrays five Italian regions. It follows the same format as series 1 on France: a leading family in each region is interviewed interspersed with vineyard and winery photography. Three wine writer experts follow up commentary with some more in-depth information.

As before, the cinematography is stunning. However, films on wine are difficult to make exciting. There is an inevitable repetition of vineyard shots, bunches of grapes, pruning and barrels in the winery. The key interest needs to come from the interviews.

The first one is Angelo Gaja. This is a great choice, because his big ego comes across well on film. It is also fascinating to learn how his daughters set slightly different priorities. There is a good discussion on Barolo vs. Barbaresco. Unfortunately, the differences between his single vineyard Barbarescos are not explored, nor the different Barolo terroirs.

I found the second film on Campania a bit confusing, maybe because I do not know much about it. The main focus is on the Taurasi wine, and the film certainly made me curious. The Antinori family represents Tuscany in the third film. The core wine types and the development of the super Tuscans is explained well. The fourth film on Veneto is also quite informative, with the Masi family describing the components of Valpolicella and the process of making Amarone and Ripasso.

The Sicily film is a bit weaker, the story of Tenuta Regaleali not quite as rich. However, the landscape shots are spectacular.

The link is . The films need to be purchased, either individually or as a series.

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