Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Marko's Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

I don't review Sauvignon Blanc often. I have no interest in the industrial production of New Zealand's Marlborough district and its grassy, gooseberry and often sweet flavours of its Sauvignon Blanc. Many winemakers have become weary of this profile. Two major departures are the blending with Semillon, as it is common in Western Australia, and the introduction of oak treatment by a number of producers.

But what I have in front of me is different in other ways: small production, hand-picked fruit, wild ferment and left on lees for three months. In this way, the 2016 Marko's Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is trying to show more delicate flavours. And in the most part, it succeeds. This wine is not overly aggressive, but a blend of aromatic tropical and citrus flavours, with citrus dominating. There is considerable acidity in the wine. It will be interesting to see what a bit of age will do to the wine. Will it become bland or complex like Riesling?

Score: 88/0

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