Sunday, January 3, 2016

Favorite Christmas Drink - Poll Outcome

The results of this poll were quite surprising to me. I thought Champagne would do better. But then, my readership is quite sophisticated, and clearly is tasting exciting wines, mainly great reds over Christmas. This was no doubt also helped by the cool weather in large parts of Australia. And half my readership is in the Northern Hemisphere, where the weather at Christmas is chilly, anyway.

Pinot Noir was the most favorite drink, demonstrating the enormous improvements that have been achieved with this variety.

Normally, I am quite good with picking categories, but this time, the 'other' category was ticked a fair bit. I would be interested which wines fell into these categories. I would appreciate if you left me a brief comment. And generally, which were your favorite Christmas drinks?


Anonymous said...

As there is only me and the Mrs (who only has a small glass of most wines) we generally open a red or a white and drink half then drink the rest the next day, with Champagne however we will drink the whole bottle when we open it as I don't think it will be any good the next day therefore while we like fiz we only have it on the odd occasion.

Henry MedicineHat said...

Here in Canada we usually do the traditional turkey dinner. Favorite pairing with that is Cru Beaujolais. This year it was a Morgon Cote du Py. Better value than comparable Burgs.

kr1 said...

For lunch it was a line up of Veuve, Kopamurra Riesling, Unico Zelo (Esoterico, Nebbiolo, Grenache and Pinot) and finally a moscato to complement the dessert. All excellent, balanced and lighter wines that suited the crazy Adelaide heat on Chrissy.
Evening celebrations included a fair amount of shiraz (Houghton Gladstones, Greenock Creek Alice, Happs Three Rivers), Gnadenfrei Estate Shiraz Grenache 2002 blend, Greenock Cabernets and a Wild Duck Creek Fortified Duck 05. The plummeting temperatures in the evening went well with the wines.

The wine of the day was the Gnadenfrei shiraz grenache blend (50/50); sublime, balanced, juicy and likely to remain in harmony for another 10 years. The other magnum has been put away for another 5 years at least.

Casey said...

Champagne all the way here! The Canard-Duchene Charles VII Blanc de Blancs was a particular favourite :)