Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rosemount Founder's Edition Shiraz

The world of Shiraz! From the $650 per bottle Hill of Grace to the €5 per bottle 2013 Rosemount Founder's Edition Shiraz. You can buy this wine in German supermarkets. It is the most expensive red there. But imagine, after transport, customs, materials and production, how much would the grape growers have received? Pittens, that's what. The description says "South Eastern Australia", which generally means Riverina i.e. high yielding large vineyards, mechanically harvested.

The plum fruit flavours are actually surprisingly intense, but the wine has not much shape. The tannins are rough and not integrated, no doubt coming from wood chips. This is plonk, and you would not want to be in a position where you try to actually assess and appreciate the wine.

You could say you could get almost 100 bottles of Rosemount for one bottle of Hill of Grace, but I had trouble finish one glass, and I would never manage 100 bottles.

Score: 80/---

You can tell, I am now in Europe, and the tour de France, starting in Champagne, is only 4 days away. The French are my third largest reader group (after Australia and the US). Hopefully, there will be something interesting for them as well.


Anonymous said...

better check your calendar,tour starts 4th July in the Netherlands. Never been a fan of Rosemount wines since the memory of heavily oaked chardonnay in the early 80s and some very tannic Cabernet

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

You probably did not see my post from a little while ago, when I mentioned my tour de France, which will be an extensive visit to a number of its wine regions, starting in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I missed that bit. enjoy your Tour, I would like to do the same one day