Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ulithorne Chi Grenache/Shiraz

Ulithorne is a small McLaren Vale producer who impressed me a lot last year at a premium red wine tasting event. The wines are small production, and very carefully handled in the vineyard and the winery.

I now had the 2012 Ulithorne Chi Grenache/Shiraz on its own, over dinner. The wine was good, but did not hold the interest in quite the same way as during the previous tasting. Raspberry flavours dominate, but the blend is not fruity, as Grenache can often be. The Shiraz component adds to the savoury profile. It is an attractive, concentrated mouthfeel.  The wine is very clean, the tannins on the finish are quite ripe. The fruit flavours are strong and can take the 15.5% alcohol on the front and mid-palate, but on the back-palate, the alcohol wins over. So, unfortunately, it is one of those wines, where you enjoy the first glass, but do not want to finish the bottle.

Score: 93/0  

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Joachim said...

We drank Ulithorne's 2013 Dona GSM on several occasions in the summer. A delicious wine, which is reasonably priced.