Friday, June 20, 2014

The Problems With Screw Capped Bottles

We all love the fact that wine under screw cap cannot be corked (unless there was a problem in the winery). However, I have encountered three problems.

- There can be leakage of chemicals from the cap. This is rare with modern screw caps.

- Bottles under screw cap are often filled right to the cap. I don't know if wineries do this because they want to be generous, or because they have no control, or because they want to minimize oxygen in the bottle. I assume it is the latter. These bottles have a couple of rings in the neck to anchor the screw cap. The problem is, this leads to an uneven flow of the wine when poured. This is a particular problem when the bottle is very full. The result is often unpleasant spillage. The only ways to avoid this are either to start pouring very carefully, to decant, or to insert some kind of pouring device.

- The third, and in my experience most serious problem is that the plastic covering the neck is often quite loose once the screw cap is removed. If you hold the bottle at the neck, you can lose the grip. Yesterday, I lost control over a bottle and smashed a glass in the process. And I had near accidents a couple of times before. Do not ever hold screw capped bottles at the neck.

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