Wednesday, March 26, 2014


In simple terms, biodynamics in the vineyard refers to soil treatment and reflecting certain cosmic influences in viticultural practices. I certainly noticed increased freshness and vibrancy in wines where more organic practices were applied, such as Cullen or Clonakilla, but I have been a sceptic in relation to the impact of moon cycles etc. The argument of the impact of the moon on tides does not really wash with me (pun intended), as this happens every day. And are the hight differences between days really that significant.

But then I came across something amazing in the highlands of Peru a couple of weeks ago. I walked along some fields, and a farmer told me about the planting of some crop, which would be planted at a certain time during the moon calendar. If he would plant at the wrong time, the plant would grow 50% higher, but put all energy into growth and leaves. There would be a lot less seeds. WOW! Makes you think, doesn't it? Unfortunately, I did not ask which plant it was, or in which cycle this would occur. It came so unexpected.

Any thoughts or comments?

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