Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mount Langi Ghiran

On the way back to Melbourne, it made sense to stop at Mount Langi Ghiran. I tasted their two best known red wines.

The flagship 2010 Mount Langi Shiraz is a disappointment to me. The peppery notes, not too overt, are attractive, but the red fruit in this medium bodied wine lacks the intensity of the better years. The wine is harmonious and balanced, but the finish falls a little flat.

Score: 91/0

In contrast, the 2010 Mount Langi Cliff Edge Shiraz, at a third of the price, delivers. This wine, from younger, but no longer young wines, is vibrant and full-bodied. It may be a little sweet for some, and it is not as piercing on the palate as a top Shiraz, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable, modern Shiraz.

Score: 92/++

Interestingly, I was told that the winery is likely to introduce a new wine at a price point between those two. This is not surprising, given the large gap, and the fact that the Cliff Edge always over delivers for the price. So what will happen is that the better grapes, which would normally go into the Cliff Edge, will go into a new wine. Let us watch out what this will do to the quality of the Cliff Edge.    

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