Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pepperilly Wines

There are still many new wineries trying to make it in Australia and quite a few deserve a chance. From Western Australia comes Pepperilly, no it is not from Margaret River nor the Great Southern. Pepperilly is based in the Ferguson Valley, overlooking Bunbury i.e. north of Margaret River.

I recently tasted two of their wines. the 2010 Pepperilly Purple Patch is a GSM, with a very dominant Grenache component, maybe a bit too much. The flavours are very clean, with raspberry dominating. The Shiraz provides some darker flavours on the back palate. The wine has fine tannins on the finish. Overall, this is a well made wine; it is pretty, quite feminine. The high 14.5% alcohol is not noticable, which points to sufficiently intense fruit.

Score: 91/+

The 2011 Pepperilly Rose looks quite French, with its pale pink colour. It is based on Cabernet and Shiraz. Again, the flavours are very clean and crisp. I find the wine a little sweet and to me it is - all the prejudices coming out here - a ladies wine.

Score: 89/0

How much value is in the label? Well, these wines look very stylish and at less than $20 per bottle, they represent excellent value.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on you can do better than ladies wine! Even if you call yourself out on it... sounds ridiculous. I didn't realise I was reading a Murdoch media subsidiary.


Alontin said...


I think you need to respect somebody else's opinion. Wine is a subjective matter. I call it as I see it. 'Ladies wine' is not meant negative, but incorporates a number of attributes, such as easy to drink, a little sweet etc. For my other readers: there is no basis for linking me to Murdoch whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

No it means you think ladies like sweet wines! Which is more generalisation than opinion. "This wine is too sweet for my palate" is opinion. "My wife should cook for me every night" might be my opinion but it the kind of crude generalisation that I was comparing your comments to.