Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chateau Rauzan-Segla

To me, Margaux is Bordeaux's most intriguing sub-region. The floral character of many of its wines is so different from those of most Cabernet Sauvignons. Towering over others is of course Chateau Margaux, not always justified, I think. It is outside most peoples purse strings anyway.

Looking at others from the area, Rauzan-Segla is interesting. It is owned by the same owners as Chanel. A lot of investment has gone into the winery.

This time, I tried the 2004 Rauzan-Segla, from an average vintage. The wine has raspberry and cherry  sents on the nose. This follows attractively onto the front palate: an elegant and charming wine. But then it happens: the famous Cabernet Sauvignon hole on the mid-palate. All-up, the fruit does not carry the structure of the wine. The reasons for liking a Margaux wine are there, but unfortunately, this Rauzan-Segla does not fully deliver.

Score: 91/0

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