Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spinifex Taureau

From the new Barossa master blender comes the Taureau, a Tempranillo based wine. It includes Graciano, which is often done in Spain to give the wine more grip, but also Carignan and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 2008 Spinifex Taureau has a velvet colour. The taste is very vibrant and aromatic. Strong flavours of cherry and mulberry dominate. The wine is a bit in your face, but has a good mouthfeel. It is very balanced between the different grape varieties, displaying strong (natural) acidity. The wine finishes a little sudden.

This wine is definitely a contrast to the big Barossa Shirazes and that is what it is meant to be. At this stage, I find the flavour profile a little uneven, and the wine is too early to drink. However, once it mellows somewhat, this Tempranillo could be a great drop.

Score: 91/++


Josh Tuckfield said...

I love how he is willing to blend something totally different yet they all work well together? did you try any of his other wines?

Alontin said...

I have tried the Esprit for a number of years and the Indigene occasionally. I bought a wider range of the 2009 releases, but have not yet tasted them.

I like the vitality in the wines, while fruit flavours remain strong.