Thursday, November 4, 2010

Torbreck RunRig

I wanted to give myself a treat last night and opened a 2002 Torbreck RunRig. Elas! My disappointments continue. 2002 was a great year for many Barossa wines, but it seems not for this one.

As expected, the wine is very big and masculine, with intense concentration of plummy fruit. In addition, the wine tastes of barbecued meat and confectionery, which is not a great combination. On the plus side, the structure stands up after eight years, and there is some silkiness in the tannins. However, this is overwhelmed by the syrupy and broad flavours on the palate.

Score: 92/--


Sean Mitchell said...

Interesting thoughts. I sometimes have a slightly troubled relationship with the RunRig. Of the vintages I have tried, I think it is generally a very good wine, but it's usually such a sensory overload that I don't usually feel like drinking it, which then leads to wonder whether it's a good wine in the first place.


Alontin said...

There is a post-script. I drank the remainder of the bottle two days later. It was much better. The, as you call it, sensory overload had subsided and the wine was smoother and the finish silky.

A lesson here is to really decant the wine with a lot of air exposure, which I had not done.