Friday, March 5, 2010

Audrey Wilkinson tasting

THESE WINES ARE ALL OVERPRICED! Just because you have a long history does not mean you produce great wine.

The Audrey Wilkinson wines are becoming more prominent in Sydney again. The 2009 Ridge Reserve Semillon was very pleasant, with good citrus fruit and balanced acidity, but why would you pay $35/bottle, if you can buy a Meerea Park, Tulloch or Braemore for less than $30? This was the first, and also the best wine.

The 2001 Museum Reserve Semillon showed a still remarkable fresh colour, but the taste was quite dull, with chemical flavours dominating instead of the honeyed flavours a well made Semillon should show at this point.

The 2006 Reserve Chardonnay was not as buttery as some from the Hunter, but the palate was still broad and somewhat one-dimensional.

Finally, the 2007 Lake Reserve Shiraz. This is a relatively simple, sweet Shiraz, which shows some of the velvety characteristics of a Hunter Shiraz, but $60 per bottle?

I would have given the 2009 Semillon 90 points while young, but the others would have achieved a maximum of 85.

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Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. I would suggest trying them again.