Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bindi Pinot Noir

Some time ago I praised the Pinot Noirs from the Mornington Peninsula. A comment came back; what about Macedon? Not sure about this as a top region, but it certainly has one of Australia's top producers in Bindi. I don't know much about the winery: it started as a co-operative and sported a very old fashioned label until a few years ago.

In the last few years it has gone from strength to strength. Tonight I had the 2004 Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir. This wine sits in the hierarchy between the Block 5 and the Composition. The wine is still very fresh and vibrant and smells of strawberry and raspberry flavours. This 'lighter' spectrum is misleading: the wine has great intensity at that medium level, it is well structured, has silky tannins and good length. It is a top Pinot Noir, just lacking a bit of that Ata Rangi 'funnel' structure. It will go for many years and is highly recommended.


Baz said...

Interesting. I saw a block of Bindi come up at a recent Langton's auction for what woudl appear historically cheap prices. Has anyone noticed the lack of buyers at auction recently - I'm not sure there's anyone left apart from me!!!

Alontin said...

This is what happens in a recession. People stop everything - creating good opportunities. Did you ever buy a 'bad' lot from Langton's?