Saturday, July 12, 2008

Penfolds Grenache and Torbreck's Struie

I had two great wines last night: A 2002 Penfolds Cellar Reserve Grenache and a 2001 Struie. Both wines showed fantastic fruit and were at the right age to drink. (I generally think 6-9 years is the best time for most Barossa reds).

When Penfolds puts out one-off wines, you know they are a bit special, and they are usually well priced as well. 02 was a great year, and this Grenache is so rich, soft and fruity, it seems to jump out of the glass. The wine is not overdone, though, and a great wine with pasta or red meat dishes.

The Struie needs time to soften and this one has. It has a big concentration of blackcurrant and cherry fruit, but the tannins have softened by now and are well integrated. Torbreck produces quite a range of wines, the smaller production ones going to stratospheric price levels. This one at around $45 is good value and benefits from David Powell's excellent wine making skills and access to fruit.

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