Sunday, June 1, 2008

About this blog

I will review wines in this blog which I drink. Most will come from my cellar and therefore have some maturity, some will be new, some from wine tastings conducted by others, some from restaurants.

You will therefore see many reviews of mature wines which professional wine writers do not review or have reviewed a long time ago.

The form of the review will also be different. Australian wine writers have an over-emphasis on taste components, sometimes more than 10 in one description. Many such tastes you may have never experienced. And are you drinking wine to try to experience a fruit cocktail? In France, wines are often described as masculine or feminine. Maybe this is all one needs to know? Apart from the flavours, there will be some emphasis on structure, harmony, length etc.

In addition other thoughts, for example on the debate of 'big reds' or different Pinot Noir styles may also come up.

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